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Over 48 Years of Experience
YnZs Yesterdays Parts offers its customers over 48 years experience in manufacturing wire harnesses for antique and classic cars and trucks.

Family Owned & Operated
Our business resulted from our own experience in restoring antiques and classic cars. We give our customers the same personal service and quality product we appreciate in our own restoration process.

Thousands of Original Wire Harness Patterns
We have thousands of original wire harness patterns in our catalog, for all makes and models. Since we use an original wire harness as a pattern, we can guarantee our product to fit perfectly. Take a look at a 1941 Cadillac wire harness.

Exact Duplicates of the Originals
The wire harnesses we manufacture are exact duplicates of the original. We use original type lacquer-coated braided wire. Wire colors will match your factory specs perfectly, and all original style metal terminals are soldered when applicable. Wire harnesses are covered on our own cloth braiding machine or with auto loom like the original.

Simplified Instructions
Each wire is numbered, and includes our unique corresponding instruction sheet with illustrations. We also have a "service-after-the-sale policy", which enables an easy installation, even for the "first-timer"

If Its Not Listed in our Online Catalog
Almost any wire harness can be made from your complete original. If you do not see your car listed in our catalog; simply remove your original wire harnesses (tagging as many wires as possible) and we will duplicate it, wire for wire. Upon receipt of your wire harness, we will give you a price quotation and delivery date.

Custom Manufactured Wire Harnesses
Do you have a limited production or custom vehicle? YnZs can provide a custom manufactured wire harness for your vehicle. We can custom engineer a wiring solution for:

  • Limited production vehicles
  • Replica Cars
  • Kit Cars

Give us a call for a quote.

Customer Comments
If you've read this far, you're probably tired of hearing us talk; so check out what our customers have to say about us.


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