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YnZ's offers custom manufactured wire harness. Wire harnesses are custom engineered to fit your application or are custom built to your specifications. We can provide wire harnesses for

  • Kit Cars
  • Limited Production Vehicles
  • Replica Cars
  • Restyled Vehicles

Custom Fit not "Universal"
Universal wire harnesses can take time to install and the finished product can often be messy and unreliable. Why use a "universal" wire harness when you can have a wire harness that is custom made for your car. A custom made wire harness can reduce your installation time thus reducing time to market for your car. YnZ's makes the harnesses easy to install. The wire harness is well labelled and comes with instructions so even an amateur can install it.

Modern Technology With a Vintage Look
A lot of time is spend "hiding" wires in new custom cars. Why bother? YnZ's can create an artfully designed wire harness that will be an adornment rather than an eyesore. YnZ's has been manufacturing wire harnesses for the antique and classic car industry for over 45 years. The knowledge and experience used in re-manufacturing wire harnesses can be applied to your new production. This creates a wire harness with a vintage look but without sacrificing modern wire harness technology.

Old Fashioned Quality, New Technology
All of our harnesses are hand built by skilled workers. All terminals are crimped and soldered which provides for a superior connection, one that you don't get with "quick-crimp" connectors found in most universal harness kits. All our wire is 100% copper and meets or exceeds modern automotive requirements. In addition YnZ's can pre-install on the harness any modern connectors or terminals. No cutting or splicing required. This provides a superior terminal to terminal connection achieved only in a custom built harness.

Chevy Street Rod Harness (In development)
One of YnZ's own designs is a wire harness for 1942-1948 Chevrolet street rods. This harness is built for the hot rodder or for someone who wants to retrofit their old Chevy with a modern electrical system. The wire harness features a modern fuse board, with integrated relays and flashers. However, we keep the vintage look. All the wire is cloth braided and the harness is covered with the vintage looking cloth material on our braiding machines. Available early 2016.

Call Us!
Give YnZ's a call now and talk to one of our experienced staff. Let us find a wiring solution for your car.



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