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This is a typical instruction sheet provided with every wiring harness we manufacture.

DS = Driver Side
PS = Passenger Side

Typical Car of the 30's
Wire No. Description
1. PS ammeter to relay at generator. Also, PS ammeter to fuse on lighting switch (see diagrams)
2. Foot dimmer switch (center connection) to "H" on light switch (see diagram)
3. Lighting switch to stop light switch (either terminal) to stop light. Also, to horn.
3A. Horn to horn button
4. "R" on lighting switch to taillight(s) (see diagram)
5. Gas gauge to gas tank sending unit
7. DS ammeter to starting switch (see diagram)
8. "Coil" on ignition switch to "-" on coil
9. "Coil gauge" on ignition switch to "+" on coil
10. Gas gauge to "coil gauge" on ignition switch
11. "R" on lighting switch to instrument lamp (see diagram)
12. "S" on lighting switch to DS & PS park lights (see diagram)
13. "Bat" on ignition switch to PS ammeter (see diagram)
14. Coil to distributor.
L. Foot dimmer switch to DS & PS low beam
H. Foot dimmer switch to DS & PS high beam


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