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Not a problem here at YnZs! if your vehicle is a 1965 or older, here are the steps:
  • Remove the original harness from the vehicle, leave it as intact as possible.
     If you leave any parts or devices attached to the harness, they will be returned to you.
     Any light sockets that we do not have replacements for will be cleaned and attached to you new harness.

  • Label as many wire ends as you possibly can, this will shorten the amount of time it takes to
     reverse engineer or "figure out" which wire does what in our process.
     Any wires that cannot be removed from the vehicle without cutting them:
        Cut them as close to their end as possible to ensure proper length

  • Include any information about the vehicle available. Year, Make, Model Number, Body Style,
     Voltage, Number of Cylinders and Wheelbase can always be helpful.
     Information about yourself: Name, Telephone Number, Physical Address and E-mail Address.



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